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Grammar Check

English Grammar can be a little bit tricky sometimes, but Captain English wants to help you to understand it better. Here you can find some definitions, examples and activities to improve your English.


Present Perfect


There To Be


Grammar - Wh Questions Words
Wh Questions Words


Grammar - Demonstrative Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns


Grammar - Color idioms
Color Idioms


Grammar - Pronouns Relatives
Relative Pronouns


Grammar - Gender

Grammar - Numerals


Grammar - Pronouns


Grammar - Genitive Case
Genitive Case¬†(‘s)


Definite and indefinite article
Definite and Indefinite Article


Plural of nouns
Plural of Nouns


Imperative - a finger in front of a mouth


Future - a hand completing the phrase
Future Will and Going to


prepositions - dog and the dog house


Adverbs on the blackboard


Comparative and superlative - fox and snail
Comparative and Superlative


Simple past - old watch
Simple Past – Regular and Irregular Verbs



Traveling or travelling
Traveling or Travelling: Double L Spelling Rule


Simple Present - Grammar learning english
Simple Present – When do we use simple present?


Activities Grammar - Make or Do
Make or Do – The difference between these two verbs.