5 Fun Ways of Improving and Learning English

5 Fun Ways

Do you think that learning English is difficult? Maybe. But there are ways of making your life easier. Here you can find five fun ways of improving and learning English.


Listening to music

Listening to Music

If you’re learning English one great way to improve your comprehension is listening to songs. You have a lot of options. There are classic songs, rock, hip hop, jazz or pop music. You choose. The important is to listen to the foreign language as much as possible. Besides listening to the song, you can also read the lyric and check if there are any words you don’t know the meaning. If you don’t figure out the meaning of the word by its context, look it up in a dictionary. Songs are a great way of learning and improving English. Put your earphones on and enjoy it.


Learning with the TV

Learning With Tv

American movies are very popular around the world, so you have a lot of choices to watch a movie, be entertained and learn English. Do you like Action and Adventure Movies? Or do you prefer Comedy or Drama? A Horror Movie fan? It doesn’t matter. The important is to watch the movie in English. At the beginning, you can watch it with the subtitles in your native language, but after a while try to change it to English or watch a movie without subtitles. Are you not a movie person? No problem. We are in a Netflix age. There are so many options of TV series (Netflix Originals and others) that there is no excuse to say “There is anything I like in English”. You are going to get used to it. Don’t worry. Just try it.


Using an App on your Smartphone and Tablet

Using App Duolingo

There are many apps for learning English and many other languages. Duolingo, for example, is an excellent app for whom wants to practise the foreign language daily. Besides offering free language instruction, it has begun to be accepted as a proficiency exam to enter some university courses and even companies. The Harvard Extension School, which offers about 700 semi-online and online courses, was the first to use the test created by Duolingo as a method of entry. So, what are you waiting for? It’s free! Take five minutes per day and practise English.


Learn English from Videos on Youtube

Youtube Videos

Have you ever heard the word “youtuber”? Yeah! You can find a lot of their channels on Youtube. Do you like to watch videos about fashion? Make up? Cooking? History? Games? Sports? There are so many options about what to watch online that it’s going to be hard to make a choice. Find things you enjoy watching in English. There are people who prefer funny videos or learning videos. It doesn’t matter. The main purpose is learning English. And it is much more pleasant when you are learning by watching something you really like.


Labeling Things

Labeling things

One idea to improve and increase your vocabulary is to label things around you. Go to the kitchen, for example. What about labeling the cutlery? Every time you get a fork, knife or spoon, you are going to read it in English. In one week, you are going to know the name of all things you label by heart because you are using it every day. This is a great way of increasing your vocabulary. It takes a little work to label all the items. So, do each room at a time. Start at the kitchen, then go to the living room, bedroom, and so on. It’s worth trying.

You can also improve your English by exploring Captain English website. There are many explanations and hints on the page grammar and vocabulary.