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cropped-icone-site.pngCaptain English Songs is a website full of videos, songs, games and activities to help kids to learn and improve their English skills.

Here teachers, parents and students  can find a lot of free materials to make their learning process easier and funnier.

Plus, Captain English has a Youtube Channel where you can find all his songs and videos.

What about the Captain?

Captain English is character created to entertain and teach English to kids at the same time.

Since the beginning, the idea was to create a funny and charismatic cartoon that could help kids in the English learning proccess in a playful way.


Denise VoltoliniDenise Voltolini has a major in English and also has a Master in Education. She has been teaching English for kids, teenagers and adults for about ten years. In the past years she has dedicated most of her time teaching kids. During her classes she created songs and chants to help her students to learn and love English as she does.

Denise has always looked for improving her knowledge and has successful completed courses at International College in Naples (USA), at British Study Centres Teacher Training in Oxford (UK) and at Western Town  College, Vancouver (CA).

She has done a lot of things, but what she loves the most is teaching kids English.

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Romulo CarvalhoRomulo Carvalho has a major in Web Designer and Programming and a Digital Marketing MBA.  He has been a web developer since 2007. He has been working with a computer since the nineties and it has been his passion since then. He used all his experience to create and animate the character Captain English, as also developed all the online environment of it.

As a musician he played in rock bands for many years and now he uses all this  knowledge to create quality and energetic songs for kids.

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