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Father’s Day Craft

On this special date we create some crafts for Father’s Day. We’ve prepared some cards, medals or a craft tie for your dad. Besides love, kisses and hugs, a present made by you becomes very special for you dad.

Idea 1

  • In a circle, write the sentece “Best Dad Ever” and you can decorate it with many different colors of paper.
  • Use a lace or cord to fix the medal.

Medal best dad ever craft
Idea 2

  • In a piece of paper, draw a tie and cut it.
  • You can draw or write a message on it.
  • Use a lace or a cord to fix the tie.

Tie super dad craft
Idea 3

  • Draw or write a message to your dad on a circle.
  • Cut and glue two other pieces of paper on the back of the circle.

First Dad craft
Idea 4

  • Draw your dad’s hand and your hand on a piece of orange paper and cut the drawings.
  • Glue small pieces of white paper and draw the eyes and the mouth of the fish. You can create other details if you like.
  • This drawing was inspired by the movie “Finding Nemo”, when the son said “I love you, Dad” and the dad said “I love you too, son”

Fish father and son craft

Idea 5

  • Cut out the letters D A D and with a piece of paper, glue them together.
  • In each letter you can color, draw or write a message to your dad.

I love you dad craft