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Grammar Check

English Grammar can be a little bit tricky sometimes, but Captain English wants to help you to understand it better. Here you can find some definitions, examples and activities to improve your English.


Grammar - Present Continuous
Present Continuous


Grammar - Present Perfect
Present Perfect


Grammar - There To Be
There To Be – There is/are/was/were


Grammar - Wh Questions Words
Wh Questions Words


Grammar - Demonstrative Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns


Grammar - Color idioms
Color Idioms


Grammar - Pronouns Relatives
Relative Pronouns


Grammar - Gender

Grammar - Numerals


Grammar - Pronouns


Grammar - Genitive Case
Genitive Case (‘s)


Definite and indefinite article
Definite and Indefinite Article


Plural of nouns
Plural of Nouns


Imperative - a finger in front of a mouth


Future - a hand completing the phrase
Future Will and Going to


prepositions - dog and the dog house


Adverbs on the blackboard


Comparative and superlative - fox and snail
Comparative and Superlative


Simple past - old watch
Simple Past – Regular and Irregular Verbs



Traveling or travelling
Traveling or Travelling: Double L Spelling Rule


Simple Present - Grammar learning english
Simple Present – When do we use simple present?


Activities Grammar - Make or Do
Make or Do – The difference between these two verbs.