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Color Idioms

Grammar - Color idioms
Did you know you can relate colors to feelings and you can tell how you feel using colors? When someone says “I’m blue” it doesn’t mean the person is blue. It means the person is sad. Or when you hear someone saying they are green with envy it means they are really jealous. Or if you are in the red, you are in debt, without money.

There are a lot of color idioms. Check the list below:


Beet redWhen your face turns red because of an embarrassing situation.She turned beet red when she saw he was looking at her at the party.
Black marketPlace where goods or money are illegally bought and soldDid you buy this at the black market? Are you crazy? You can get in trouble!
Black outTo pass out; to become unconsciousAfter he felt, he had a black out.
Black sheepA bad member of the group.That girl is the black sheep of her family. She doesn’t do anything right.
Golden opportunityPerfect chance or opportunityThis is a golden opportunity for you to increase your business.
Green lightPermissionThe green light was given to him to do whatever he wanted at the company.
In the darkUnaware; uninformedThe parents were in the dark about their son situation.
Out of the blueUnexpectedlyShe called me out of the blue. I couldn’t say no to her.
See redBe very angryThey saw red when they caught their daughter lying.
True colorsA person’s true attitudeCan you see her true colors now?
White lieAn innocent lie to not hurt someone’s feelingsShe asked if I liked her dress. I said yes. I couldn’t say no. It’s just a white lie.

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