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Imperative - a finger in front of a mouth

The imperative is formed by the imperative of the verb without “to” and it is used to express an order or a request both singular and plural.



Open your books!

Be quiet!

Close the door, please!
You can also use the imperative to express an order or a request in the negative form. To do this just use “don’t” before the verb.


Don’t go now!

Don’t draw on the floor!

Don’t open the window!


There is still the imperative form with “let’s” when the announcer is included in the action.


Let’s go to the theater!

Let’s watch a movie!

Let’s work out!


You can always use the word “please” to be more polite:


Please, wash the dishes!

Silence, please!


Never use the subject You before the verb


Clean your room! (NEVER You clean your room!)

Open the door! (NEVER You open the door!)

Don’t turn off! (NEVER You don’t turn off!)


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