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prepositions - dog and the dog house

In English, there are several prepositions. In this section we will see the use of three of them: in, on and at. They can cause difficulty in their use because in general these three prepositions can have the same meaning.



We use AT with clock times:

My class starts at 8 o’clock


Special Dates:

I will see you at Christmas

She wasn’t there at Easter

** When there is the word “DAY” after the commemorative date, we do not use AT. Use ON:

My brother will arrive on Christmas Day


We also use At with the words: noon, night, midnight and dawn.

She arrived at dawn

See you at night


Complete Addresses:

Joshua lives at 74 Lincon Street



In places, but without specifying you are inside.

I’m at the movie theater waiting for you




Use the preposition IN with:


Months or Seasons of the year

My birthday is in April 

It’s very cold in winter 


With morning, afternoon and evening

We work out in the morning

My son studies in the afternoon


Years, centuries or expressions of time

Brazil is going to win the World Cup in 2018

The society was very different in the 19th century

She will come to the city in a few weeks 


In places, specifying you are inside

The students are in the classroom


Cities, states, countries and continents

She lives in New York

There are beautiful beaches in the Bahamas

The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo

I would like to live in Europe



Use the preposition ON with:


Days of the week

I don’t work on Saturdays


Days, dates and expressions like Tuesday morning and Friday evening

I started a diet on February 4th

We are going to travel on Saturday morning



It’s my first time on the plane

There were too many people on the bus

** The preposition ON is used with transportation, but when referring to a car or taxi, use the preposition IN:

In the car, in the taxi


We also use ON with avenues and streets

I’m on Bush Street


Refering to a farm or an island

I would like to spend my vacation on a island

The horses live on the farm


There are many other prepositions in English. Other frequently used ones are the prepositions of places, used to indicate the position of objects, people and so on. Se the picture below:


Prepositions - puppy and dog-house


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