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Wh Questions Words

Grammar Wh Questions Words

In English Language there are two kinds of questions: Yes or No Questions that are those questions you can answer just using Yes or No and there also the Wh Questions Words (You cannot answer this kind of questions using just yes or no. You need to give more information).

The Wh Questions Words are:


What are you doing today?

What is your favorite book?


Where are you from?

Where do you want to eat?


Why did you decide to study English?

Why is she so mad at you?


When is your birthday?

When are you going to travel again?


Who is your best friend?

Who told you about my situation?


Whose cellphone is this?

Whose purse is red?


Which color do you prefer? Green or Blue?

Which one did you choose?


How old is your son?

How are you today?

Grammar Frames Wh Questions Words

Read this dialogue to see other examples using the Wh Questions Words:


Do you download music from the internet?

Yes, I do.

What site do you use?

There are many sites you can use, why?

Because I want to download some rock songs.

I know some artists whose songs you should listen to.

What artists?

Let’s see. Which artist do you prefer: Elvis Presley or Bob Dylan?

I don’t know. Where are they from?

Both of them are from the United States. Elvis Presley died years ago.

When did he die?

He died in 1977. It was a long time ago, but he’s still one of the most famous artists.

How did he die?

I don’t remember.

And Bob Dallas?


The other one you said.

Oh, Bob Dylan. He’s also great. Come on, you have to decide. I don’t have all day.

OK! I choose Elvis Presley.

Great choice!

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