Who is the best English teacher?

Teacher explaining on the blackboard

Do you know who is the best English teacher? It’s common to find English learners who try to find American, British or another native speaker to be their teachers. But are they really the best choice for whom wants to learn the foreign language? According to British linguist David Graddol the answer is no.

The findings are part of two surveys carried out by Graddol, at the request of the British Council, the UK government agency focused on educational issues.

According to the linguist, the best English teacher is who also speaks the same language of the student. The advantage of this professional is the ability to interpret the meanings in the language of the student themselves.

We can also say that the best English teacher is the person who is dedicated to achieve their students goals. Being a good teacher means to prepare classes in advance, be updated and create an environment where the student feels comfortable to learn a foreign language. Students will learn more if they like their teacher and their classmates. They are all learning. At the beginning, they might be shy to speak in front of others, but if you create a good environment for learning, they are going to be confortable to play this role.

Best english teacher with students

The teacher should also use as many kind of different resources as possible. Don’t do the same thing every single day. Take students outside, go on schools trip and play with them. But don’t think that playing and games are just for children. Adults also like to have fun, so bring games and interactive activities for them too. Entertained your students and they will learn English without noticing.

The best English teacher is not American, British, Chinese or Indian. The best teacher is the one who likes to teach, who is willing to try different ways to achieve better results and care about their students.