How to learn English using TV series

learn English using TV series

American TV series have conquered viewers around the world. The main purpose of these shows is to entertain people. And what if besides being entertained you could also practice and learn English using TV series?

There are many kinds of series, so it’s easy to find one TV show that is suitable for you. You can choose the sitcoms that have already ended like Friends or Seinfeld, or you can opt for Netflix TV series as Fuller House or Beat Bugs. It depends on who is going to watch the TV show.

Friends TV show

For example, if you want to learn English using TV series, you can watch a serie in English with a friend or a relative. At the end you can talk about your favorite part, ask some questions or even write a review about it. But if you are a teacher and you want to show a serie to your students, be careful with your choice.

When you choose a TV serie to use in a classroom, you need to pay attention on the age recommendations. It’s very common students ask teachers to bring their favorite serie. But what if the TV serie that they like the most is Walking Dead? It depends on the classroom, you should never bring a show like this.

Kids watching scary movies

You should also prefer series that are about twenty or thirty minutes long. It’s easier for students to remember the context of the story. Then, they can answer questions or talk about it and you will have time to do activities based on the TV show.

Of course you can also bring shows that are longer, it depends on how much time you have. But you should never show a TV serie and do the activity about it on next class. Students may not remember the whole story of what they watched and they will have a hard time to complete the activity.