Using songs and nursery rhymes to learn English

Kids using computer to learn English

It’s well-known that kids learn faster and it’s easier for them to learn English. But kids don’t learn as the same way adults do. They need playful activities and one way to achieve good results at English acquisition is using songs and nursery rhymes.

It’s easy to find kids who know how to count until one hundred, for example. How do they know? Did someone keep repeting the numbers until they got it? No. They have learned from songs.

Of course you have to do more than just playing songs for your kid if you want them to learn English. But songs are a start.

Nowadays it’s simple to find songs and nursery rhymes. You just have to go online, on Youtube, for example, and you will find all kinds of video to entertain and teach kids a lot of new words and small sentences.

Captain English Nursery Rhymes Video

Songs and nursery rhymes are one simple way for kids to learn English without noticing. It’s not so difficult to find people who say “I don’t like English” or “It’s too difficult”. Most of these people didn’t have a good experience with the language at the begining of their learning. That’s why it’s very important to create a great environment for children to learn a second language. If it feels natural for them, speaking will also become natural at some point.

The important it’s to not traumatize children with didacticism that are not suitable for them. Try always to look for playful activities like songs, games and other activities that will entertain and teach them at the same time.

It has never been so easy to have access to a lot of material to learn English as nowadays. So enjoy this moment to guide kids in this learning process and don’t forget, when the matter is kids learning, the more fun and entertained, better to reach all the learning goals you have.